The song genre has a particular place in the creative activity of the well known composer of Eldar Mansurov. Though he began his professional activity with serious music, he never neglected the song genre. Within a short period of time his songs became popular, required and preferred ones of music lovers, never lost topicality and nowadays are still performed by singers.

The song writing has a very interesting history. Thus, he wrote his first song in 1969 when he was a student of the piano department of the Musical College. The same years he was the pianist of the then well known rock group “Experiment OK”.  Since that time Eldar Mansurov began to write musical pieces in song and instrumental genre.

One can see pieces in rock, pop as well as folk music style. As the composer says “a song must be written in a simple way and be perceptible to everyone. The main component in song is the melody. It is the melody that touches the soul, is likeable, remembered and lives in the bosom of people”.

It has been for 40 years that the songs of Eldar Mansurov are performed all over the world by well known singers in various styles, versions and arrangements.

One can say with certainty that particularly every song of Eldar Mansurov in itself is a complete and substantial piece of work. His songs embrace various levels of population. His songs are willingly performed by elderly singers as well as by the young ones. 

With confidence one can say that the favourite composer Eldar Mansurov is a world-wide composer. His music is performed and sounded in many countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America. The song genre which being the eternally shining star of composer’s creative activity made him desired by people and won the respect of broad section of audience.