The instrumental music takes a particular place in the creative activity of Eldar Mansurov. Eldar composed the early instrumental pieces yet at his young age. In late 60-s and early 70-s he was keyboard player in various rock groups. Since 1980 orchestral and instrumental music permanently dwell in his creative work. His pieces for variety and symphonic orchestra are related just to that particular period. From 1990-s up to now Eldar Mansurov is actively working in area of instrumental music. The characteristic feature of his musical pieces is dominance of piano in the instrumental and orchestral music. This is because he himself is a pianist. Quite a number of his instrumental music is widely known and popular not only in his own country but abroad as well.

Many of his popular songs are performed in many countries in the instrumental version and became popular too. Thus, it has already been for 30 years that his well known song “Bayatylar” performed in various versions and on instruments spread all over the world. Another popular composition of Eldar Mansurov is “Melody” performed by the author. Instrumental pieces of Eldar Mansurov are often heard over various radios worldwide.