The wide ranging output of the well-known Azerbaijani composer Eldar Mansurov also includes a great number of works of classical genre: symphonies, operas, ballets, instrumental and chamber music and songs. He is particularly the author of a roc-opera “Seven beauties” (2005) and two rock ballets: “Cleopatra” (1998) and “Olympus” (2004).

Symphonic genre in the activity of Eldar Mansurov is represented by 5 (five) symphonies (1970, 1981, 1982, 1991, 1999). Alongside with this he composed a series of large and small format compositions of the same genre such as “Violin Concerto” (1978), Symphonic Mougham “Mahoor Hindi” (1990), “Adagio”  and “Passacaglia” for orchestra (1991), The “Immortality” Cantata (1985) and “Symphonic dances” ( 2010).

In the course of his creative activity Eldar Mansurov used to apply to chamber music genre. He is prolific in this genre: “Pastoral” for chamber orchestra (1984), two “String quarters” (1977, 1986), “Saghinameh” – a peace for national musical instrument “tahr” and string quarter (1983), series of piano “Miniatures” (1986), “Frescoes” for chamber orchestra (1991), Music for string instruments (1980), “Sonata” for violin and piano (1985), “Mougham dastgyah” for organ (1989), “Rubato” for harpsichord, celesta and piano (1986), and many pieces for various instrumental ensembles.

Eldar Mansurov is also the author of works in choral and vocal genre. Particularly “Love Bayaties” (1981) (bayaty – a kind of poem created by common people) and “Rubais” (1987) for a cappella choir composed on verses by great oriental poets Omar Khayyam, Imadaddin Nassimi, Saadi Shirazi and poetess Mahsati Ganjavi are considered successful compositions. In vocal genre two romances have to be pointed out: “Why did you leave” (1982) (verse by prominent Azerbaijani poet Hussein Javid) and “Tracing with a candle” (Ismail Dadashov’s verse).

Throughout of his activity E. Mansurov created music for children as well.  For children’s musical schools he composed a series of songs, musical pieces for piano and choir.

Eldar Mansurov is the author of a number of compositions theatrical performances sound tracks for films. Beginning from 1980 he composed music for more than 30 theatrical plays staged in Baku, Sumgait, Shaki and Nakhcivan theatres as much for documentary, TV and feature films and animated cartoons.

“12 preludes” for piano (1974)

“Sonatina” for piano (1975)

“Poem” for violin and piano (1976)

“String quarter” №1 (1977)

“Concerto” for piano and symphonic orchestra (1978)

“Symphony” № 1 (1979)

“Pieces for string orchestra” (1979)

“Music for string instruments” (1980)
“Pastorale” for string quarter (1981)

“Bayatılar” for a cappella choir (1981)

“Symphony “№2 for chamber orchestra (1981)

“Two romances” for baritone voice and piano (1982)

“Adagio and scherzo” for flute and piano (1982)

“Symphony № 3” (1982)

“Two songs for children’s choir” (1982)

“Six pieces for wind septet” (1983)

“Saghinameh” for tahr and string quarter (1983)

“A march” for brass band (1983)

“Pastorale for chamber orchestra” (1984)

“Sonata” for violin and piano (1985)

“My Motherland” a series of songs for children’s choir (1985)

“Immortality” cantata (Verses by B. Vaziroghlu) (1985)

“A series of piano pieces for children” (1986)

“14 preludes for piano (1986)

“String quarter” № 2″ (1986)

“6 preludes” for piano (1986)

“Rubato” for harpsichord, celesta and piano (1986)

“Rubais” (1987) for a cappella choir composed on verses by great oriental poets Omar Khayyam, I. Nassimi, S. Shirazi and poetess M. Ganjavi (1987)

“Pieces for 2 double-basses” (1988)

“Mougham dastgyah” for organ (1989),

“Mahoor Hindi” Symphonic Mougham (1990-1991)

“Symphony” № 4”-(1991)

“Frescoes” for chamber orchestra (1991)

“Adagio” for violin and symphonic orchestra (1991)

“Passacaglia” for symphonic orchestra (1991)

“Pieces” for pop-symphonic orchestra (within various years)

“Over 3000 songs and instrumental music (within various years)

“Bahramnameh” music for tahr, symphonic orchestra and a rock group (2004)

“Cleopatra” ballet (1998)

“Olympus” single act rock ballet (2004)

“Seven beauties” roc-opera (2005)

“Symphonic dances”( 2010)

“Odlar yurdu” (The Land of Flames”) suite for symphonic orchestra (2012)

“Bahar oghlu” (The Son of Spring) oratorio (2013)

“Symphonic Gravures” (2017)