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Shooting the documentary film “My grandfather and I” has been completed

Shooting the documentary film “My grandfather and I” dedicated to Mansurovs family has recently been finished in the “Chronicle” film studio which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Mansurovs is a family of prominent figures that significantly contributed to the development of culture in Azerbaijan.

“The film was compiled of photos” – said Aydyn Dadashev, Merited Associate of Art, the author of the script and director of the film. In fact every frame of the film is a photo and each photo having an interesting history. The Mansurovs are well known as the family of musicians on the other hand the family is distinguished by its photograph culture due to a good deal of photo archives as well.

Wealthy and prosperous businessman Mashadi Suleyman bey Mansurov was the grandfather of Eldar Mansurov, a well-known composer and Azerbaijan’s Merited Associate of Art. While on business trips his grandfather Mashadi Suleiman bey traveled a lot and used to take photos in all the European countries, cities he traveled and places of interest he saw. As a result he collected a pretty good stock of photo files.

The film is also about the adventures of Mashadi Suleiman bey Mansurov and his brother Mirza Mansur. During their voyages they visited a lot places and took photos of those places and interesting people they met. Eldar Mansurov’s narration revives and vivifies the photos of exciting trips and encounters of that period. All those photos are filed and kept in the family archives. A part of those photos are included into the film. Eldar Mansurov also shares his reminiscences of his father Bahram Mansurov, prominent musician and famous tahrist (tahr – national stringed musical instrument) and performer of national moughams.

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