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Heydar Aliyev Foundation issued “The Mansurovs” book

The book “The Mansurovs” issued by Heydar Aliyev Foundation is dedicated to centennial anniversary of Bahram Mansurov, Peoples’ Artist, and great tar (national musical instrument) performer. This distinguished book is an edition of 2011 in honor of centennial of the prominent tar performer.

The book is comprised of three various volumes. Particularly, the book contains “My reminiscences” of Meshedi Suleiman bey Mansurov, “If Life Spares” and “The Mansurovs’ Family” of Eldar Mansurov, thus representing the grandfather, son and grandson of the family.

The book “The Mansurovs” reflects the history of the family rising as far as from the XVII century. The noble family of Mansurovs of “bay” kin left behind ineffaceable traces in the cultural history and music, better to say in the development and formation of mugham, and exceptional part of its popularization.

The book consists of three parts. The first part deals about the history of the family. The Mansurovs’ belonged to an ancient “bay” kin of Baku and was a well known and respectable family in Icheri Sheher (the Inner Town, the ancient city of Baku). The compiled material based on facts about the representatives of this family Agha Haji Kerim bay is distinguished by establishing the basis for entrepreneurship, Agha Haji Mansurxan, whom the family name originates from, Agha Haji Gasim bey, the worlds ever first offshore oil producer, Agha Salah oghlu, the one who initiated trade business with Russia, Meshedi Malik bay, the founder and executive of mougham gatherings were included into the first part of the book.

Memoirs of Meshedi Suleiman bey, one of the noble representatives of the family are contained in the second part of the book. As an intellectual of his time he was a prominent and successful businessman, well educated with good command in several foreign languages and in addition to that he was a connoisseur of music, art and poetry. He was fond of traveling and traveled a lot across many countries. Meshedi Suleiman bey was in friendly terms with Ismail, the son of Mousa Naghiyev, millionaire. He left fond memories of himself as a perfect connoisseur of mougham. After the demise of his father Meshedi Malik bay it was him to hold and conduct mougham gatherings.

The third and last part of the book contains the memoirs of Bahram Mansurov, prominent tahr performer. The skillful tahrist collected interesting facts of his glorious life and creative development. The expert attaining the peak of mastery was stamped in our musical history as a perfect connoisseur of mougham and a virtuosic tahrist. In 1971 and 1975 for the first time by the initiative of YUNESCO Bahram Mansurov performed mougham and recorded two gramophone discs in “Phillips” and “Baren Reiter”. The prominent tahrist worked for more than 50 years in the State Opera and Ballet Theatre and accompanied the mougham singers.

In his book “The Mansurovs” the author Eldar Mansurov, another representative of the family and well known contemporary composer described a glorious, noble life and creative path of the family passed within a span of 300 years. One can with confidence say that this work compiled of three books will be of interest not only for readers but a rich source for scientists, experts of musical history, theoreticians and researchers of our culture as well.

Mansurovs book

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