“BAHRAMNAMEH -2” is somewhat a continuation of the previous project “Bahramnameh -1” but slightly differing in form. In the new version Eldar Mansurov, the composer applies to a rather large-scale sounding. It is for the first time that in this project in addition to tahr, national folk musical instrument and a rock-group the author involves great symphonic orchestra as well.

The synthesis of Azerbaijani mougham [mugham], rock-group and symphonic music attaches a particular zest and coloring to “Bahramnameh-2”. Here beauty and diversity is not composed just by sounding but in the synthesis of three various musical genres, namely mougham, rock and symphonic music. There are some other novelties in “Bahramnameh-2”, introduced by the composer, which attaches an inimitable originality and makes it a unique and singular one among the similar projects.

“Bahramnameh-2” as well as the previous project “Bahramnameh-1” consists of two parts – instrumental and vocal ones. In the vocal part besides the soloists this time a choir is involved. Some novelties have been introduced by the composer in the instrumental part as well. Particularly in this composition in addition to tahr for the first time the author applies to national wind instruments as nay, balaban and tyutek.

Besides the mougham “Rast dastgiahy” in “Bahramnameh-2”, Eldar Mansurov applies to practically rarely-performed moughams like “Caucasus Houmayoon”, “Navah-Nishapoor”, “Choban Bayaty” and “Kyurd-Shahnaz”. By its genre and stylistics “Bahramnameh-2” is a unique project.