Eldar Mansurov is also prolific in composing music for movies. He started this activity in 1980s. Since that time he composed music for a number of animated cartoon, documentaries, feature films and TV productions, dramas and films.

Eldar Mansurov wrote his first compositions for movies in 1985. The first 2 documentary film scores he made were of Davud Imanov’s “Endless Race”, Vyacheslav Mikhailov’s “Lowland”. Then he composed music for Rafiq Yuzbashev’s “Neftchi-87”, Zaur Maharramov’s “The Voice of the Poet”, dedicated to the life and activity of Almas Ildyrym, (poet), (1991), Yaver Rzayev’s “Another World” (1992). In 1990 Eldar Mansurov made the first feature film score. That was a short-length film “The Lucky One”, of young film director Omyur Naghiyev. In 1991 he made film scores for two feature films: “Wedding Ring” of Ramiz Azizbailey” and Gulbeniz Azimzadeh’s “Burnt in Holy Flame”. In 1994 he composed the music for Nadihr Mugbilov’s and Khayyam Aslan’s film “Verdict”, Rovshan Almuradly’s “Burden” (1995), in which the composer himself for the first time acts as Shamsi Asadullayev, another oil millionaire of that time. This film is about Aghamussa Naghiyev, one of Baku oil millionaires which depicts just one day of his life.

Eldar Mansurov’s collaboration with Elchin Akhundov and Rauf Dadashov was in animated cartoon. He made film scores of “Joyful Party” (1988), “Etude” (1988), “The Wall” (1988), “Mirror” (1990), “Unmanageable” (1988), “Voyage” (1992) and “Cat and Mouse” (2008).

Eldar Mansurov is known for his TV film scores. In collaboration with film directors Nazim Abbas and Rahim Sadikhbailey he composed music for documentary TV films “Painful Salvation” (1993), “Vengeance Day”, “Invasion” (1994) and Sharif Qurbanaliyev’s “Naughty Child” (1995) TV drama.

Recent works of Eldar Mansurov in collaboration with Vaguif Mustafayev, well known Azerbaijani film director were film scores of “Special Mission” (2008), the 10th film about the life and activity of Heidar Aliyev and “The History of Our Security” (2009).

In addition to above mentioned, many directors apply to compositions of Eldar Mansurov as film scores for movies of various genres. His famous song “Bayatylar” was used as a film score of Israeli filmmakers in a documentary “Promises”, and in Italian feature film “Ginger and Cinnamon” .

The film scores of Eldar Mansurov are variegated. In his compositions for film scores he applies to small instrumental groups, folk instrumental ensembles, rock groups, chamber orchestras and even involves symphony orchestras.